Photos of Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 Collection

2010 Spring New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang

Go Team Wang. For Spring, the designer shifted direction, lightened the mood, used less black, experimented with texture and layers, introduced funky sunglasses. All good choices, in my humble opinion. Always veering on the sporty, shoulder-accentuated heather gray sweatshirts evoked images of football players. Leather shorts and crop tops were fit for the boxing ring. Cool khakis and shredded red stripes emit a dangerous rugby vibe. There were still plenty of little black and white party dresses, but this time made of sheer inserts and cut outs — and more spacious, less spandex. Knits were a pleasant surprise; I wish there were more of them.

Everything seemed sliced and diced, reminiscent of Japanese designs, reminding me of Commes de Garcons. Check out the shoes: leopard mules, sexy black lace-ups, frisky oxfords. Wang cited, "Exploring the deviant side of American teen culture" as his inspiration. If that meant promiscuous teens making out under the bleachers at the homecoming game, I get it.

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Source: Getty