Photos of Crystal Renn by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris's 90th Anniversary October 2010 Issue

Carine Roitfeld Finds It "More and More Difficult" To Keep an "Un-Politically Correct" Attitude About Vogue Paris

Carine Roitfeld Finds It "More and More Difficult" To Keep an "Un-Politically Correct" Attitude About Vogue Paris

>> Vogue Paris is celebrating its 90th Anniversary issue with a masquerade ball tonight in Paris — an marquee event of the week — but also garnering attention: Terry Richardson's editorial, "Festin," styled by Carine Roitfeld, in the issue, of Crystal Renn stuffing an entire squid in her mouth in one photo and dribbling herself in steak juice in another.

Roitfeld said the shoot was inspired by the 1973 movie "La Grande Bouffe," about a group of men who retire to a villa to eat themselves to death, and that she thinks it's the job of fashion magazines to continue to push boundaries and provoke, even in the face of attacks on their judgment: "In 90 years, we haven’t changed the mood of the magazine. It’s still very audacious. It’s still about beauty. It’s still about excess. It’s still very avant-garde . . . We try to be sophisticated, while a little on the edge all the time."

She continues: "What I can see is that now, the censoring is bigger than it was 20, 30, or 40 years ago. I think we have less freedom. Today some pictures [from past issues of Vogue Paris] would not even be publishable. It’s not just about the nudity, but when you talk about things politically, the military, kids, it would all be politically incorrect and not publishable today. We have to fight to keep this un-politically correct attitude of French Vogue, but it’s more and more difficult to be able do that. You cannot smoke, you cannot show arms, you cannot show little girls, because everyone now is very anxious not to have problems with the law. Everything we do now is like walking in high heels on the ice, but we keep trying to do it."

On a more personal note, Roitfeld did a video with Hilary Alexander in which she talks about designing her silk shirt with Charvet and exclaims, "F*ck yoga, it makes me crazy!"