Photos of Donna Karan's 2010 Spring New York Fashion Week Show 2009-09-14 16:52:27

2010 Spring New York Fashion Week: Donna Karan

Upon entering the Donna Karan venue, you were put into a Zen state by loud, yet soothing, Annie Lennox music. My Zen was mildly interrupted by Milla Jovovich, in an awesome striped dress, who sat in the front row with Rachel Zoe and Elle's Joe Zee. These three were very chummy, cozy. But once the lights went down, the Zen returned. A Spring collection, as Donna's notes put it, "Inspired by the power of the elements — the sky, water, wind, sand, earth, and fire."
Form-fitting crinkled pumice linen jackets and skirts gave way to blush-colored viscose stretch-matte jersey dresses and separates. A sky-blue gauze top and slip skirt were incredibly — sexy — sheer, light, and lovely. Fire was exemplified through fire coral shells, jackets, sleek pants, and the popular "envelope dress" — Karan made an airy envelope dress in almost every color. I wasn't keen on the hats, they distracted from the ingenuity of the clothes, but the teetering wedges and rubberized belts caught some complimentary looks. The white-jersey evening dress was unreal, and the fire-coral one (pictured) sent my heart a flutter.

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