Photos From Marc Jacobs's Spring 2010 Collection

2010 Spring New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs

If you suffer from pediophobia, you may despise Marc Jacob's Spring collection. A mix of harlequin, geisha, and cabaret cutie, ultimately, the theatric collection manifested like a melange of stern-faced dolls in high-fashion fixings. An abundance of ruffles, sometimes completely covering a frock, is over-the-top femme. Beading, layering, florals and plaids, and inside-out corsetry gave way to a complex collection. The one steady, and no doubt sell-worthy, aspect: outerwear. Marc has a sharp scissor when it comes to military coats and crisp jackets; these brought the fantasy back to reality. In addition, navy pinstripe got the ruffle treatment, giving way to nuanced tailoring. The drippy gowns aren't the most dreamy, but everything else is imagination gone gaga. Speaking of, Lady Gaga and Madonna were famous front rowers, and Perez Hilton was present. Always a surprise or two at MJ . . .

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Source: Getty