Photos of Model Fernanda Tavares

Fab Face: Fernanda Tavares

I've been wanting to give Fernanda the spotlight for a while, but thought hot weather was the more fitting time of year for her. I crushed on Fernanda all throughout college — her heyday was late '90s, early '00s — when the Brazilians had fashion world domination. The sweet-yet-sultry-faced beauty hails from Rio Grande Do Norte and she won the Elite Look of the Year contest at 13. Her bod, sharp brows, and plush lips are unforgettable.

Her repertoire spans runway, editorial, ad campaigns, Victoria's Secret, and Sports Illustrated. I also have fond memories of her Chloe face. Fun fact: she stays in shape by swimming and jogging — on it! For those of us wondering where she is now, Fernanda got married in '07 to a fellow Brazilian but remains buddies with the most successful Brazilian of our time: Gisele. Fernanda will always be my secret star.

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