Photos of Payal Luthra 2010 Fall Scarves Collection

Get to Know Payal Luthra's Cozy Cool Cashmere Scarves

We're sure you own a ton of scarves, but have you checked out Payal Luthra's decadent cashmere line? We have, and we can't stop lusting over her modern aesthetic, cool neutral hues, and refined embellishments. Instead of piling on the prints and per usual fringe, Payal combined inspiration from her NYC and Delhi background to create a minimal yet innovative collection featuring chic tassel-decorated cowl neck scarves (our fave!), button chain neckwarmers, and tailored collars. And don't think she's all about the looks; Payal uses top grade Mongolian cashmere to ensure we'll be extra cozy during those cold Winter months. Keep your eyes peeled for an online store coming soon . . .

Check out the cozy Fall collection.