Photos of Supermodel Stephanie Seymour

Model Muse: Stephanie Seymour

Photos of Supermodel Stephanie Seymour

At one point, I hated Stephanie Seymour. Those of you who know me, and Stephanie, know why. It was the early '90s. She was dating Axl Rose. He was mine! Or, so my 12-year-old self thought. The lead singer of my all-time favorite band was possibly engaged to the hottest Victoria's Secret model of the time. I had serious competition. Meanwhile, I would flip through my mom's VS catalogs and hope I would grow up to have such a hard body, voluminous hair, and chiseled face. The greenish-blue eyes were out of the question, but to this day, if I ever need inspiration to get fit, I look to Stephanie Super. Known for her devilishly divine body, Stephanie also has a unique face; her long nose has an imperfect dent and her lips are perfectly plump. Now that I'm grown up and Stephanie is married with four kids (who are all gorgeous, btw) but still modeling, still hard body, I can admire her in two G'n'R videos — "Don't Cry" and "November Rain" — for what she really is: a bona fide hottie.



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