Pictures of Erin Wasson Texas-Inspired Style Story

Erin Wasson's Texan-Style Tribute to the USA

Pictures of Erin Wasson Texas-Inspired Style Story

In honor of our stars and stripes, Erin Wasson, who we had the pleasure of chatting with recently, gives us a taste of the American country in denim, camo, and cowboy boots. The all-American "Texas Story" — shot by David Mushegain in Elle Italia's August issue — features Erin as the big star of small-town America. Hard to resist the call to kick back in cutoffs, eclectic vintage, and layered knits. It's Summer USA, a reminder to celebrate the small things — think running errands in Native American-inspired ponchos and studded cowboy boots. Click through and pay homage to the American dreamer and the best of big, Texan-inspired style.


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