Pictures of Victoria, Vanessa, and Samantha Traina

Fabcons: The Traina Three

Samantha, Victoria, Vanessa. There are more Trainas, but these are The Traina Three. All of them, children of novelist Danielle Steel and vintner John Traina, are under the radar but oh so Fab. Many a fashion junkie who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area is secretly obsessed with the elusive sisters. They are socialites, yes, but they aren't camera-loving princesses.

All three work in fashion. Samantha, the brunette who resides in LA, serves as fashion editor of C magazine. Her style is feminine with a cool edge. Victoria, with the bangs, worked at the Lacroix atelier last Summer. She has a fondness for hair play and appreciates texture and eclecticism. Vanessa, the tall one, currently works at Vogue Paris; she is the most model-like, wears lots of Paris black, and has a total nonchalant attitude. With friends like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Lazaro and Jack of Proenza Schouler, the TTT clearly played in the coolest sandbox in town. It's too bad they all fled San Francisco — we could use some of their chic, forward thinking here.

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