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Match the Fashion Trend to the Shining Star!

How on-trend are celebs? Take our quiz to find out, and see how knowledgeable you are on pop culture's fashionable side.

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Who wore bedazzled platforms with a short mini and corset top?
Naomi Campbell
Jennifer Hudson
Halle Berry
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Who mixed leopard with a crisp blue and cream bag?
Anne Hathaway
Lauren Conrad
Emmy Rossum
Jessica Simpson
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Which rock star chose a dress with tribal details?
Sheryl Crow
Katy Perry
Stevie Nicks
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Which actress showed cutout shoulders?
Kate Bosworth
Diane Kruger
Rachel Bilson
Keira Knightley
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Which actress went for dramatic, gothic black with red nails at a movie screening?
Julianne Moore
Eva Green
Gwyneth Paltrow
Amanda Seyfried
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