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Up Close and Personal With Prada's Costumes For Gatsby

Up Close and Personal With Prada's Costumes For Gatsby

The Great Gatsby might be opening in theaters today, but the costumes Miuccia Prada created for the movie have been on display at her downtown New York stores all week.

Last Tuesday night, Prada transformed the steps of the store into an exhibition space displaying the costumes Prada made and customized with costume designer Catherine Martin.

The exhibit, Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby, features an array of women's gowns intricately decorated with crystals, feathers, fur, and embroidery. Prada told WWD her costumes for Daisy Buchanan, the story's female lead, "became about money, because [Luhrmann] wanted to show her as the most beautiful and rich woman on earth."

Prada added that she didn't have to adapt her work to a '20s aesthetic. "Yes, probably a few had that kind of edge, but almost none were meant to be the '20s when I did them," she said. "I was really fascinated by that."

The array of industry insiders and celebrities who attended the exhibit's launch seemed equally fascinated by the costumes. If you can't make it to the show in New York, which runs until May 12, you can see all the costumes here in the gallery.

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