The 15 Biggest Reasons Summer Can't End Soon Enough

Sep 7 2014 - 1:30pm

Summer's not officially over yet, but in our minds, the chapter has closed on another stylish season. That's more than OK by us though, because with every end comes a new beginning, and there's no beginning more exciting than Fall.

Sure, we could point to the slouchy, cool-girl runways [1] or the ridiculously chic styles that the stars have already debuted on the red carpet [2], but let's be real — there are 15 legitimate reasons why dressing for this season is awesome.

Source: Touchstone Pictures [3], Front Page Source: Shutterstock [4]

There's No Need to Shave Your Legs as Often

Bikini Diets Are Out the Window

You Can Wear Silk Blouses Again

One Word: Layering

Sweaters Bring Us Such Joy

. . . Like Unbelievable Levels of Happiness

We're Right There With You, Adam Levine

Chipped Pedicures Are Less Noticeable in Closed-Toe Shoes

You Don't Have to Worry About a Chilly Office



Bye Bye, Brights

Sayonara, Pastels

See Ya Next Year, Crop Tops

And Lastly, Fall's Just Another Excuse to Shop

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