Rent the Runway Debuts Chanel Bags and Jewelry

Rent the Runway Launches Chanel Bags and Jewelry!

Rent the Runway Debuts Chanel Bags and Jewelry

Purchasing a Chanel bag is a big investment. With prices around $6,000 a bag, it would be ideal to be able to give it a "test drive" before actually committing to such a luxurious, albeit amazing, piece. Check this out: Rent the Runway buddied up with What Goes Around Comes Around to offer amazing vintage Chanel bags and jewelry launching today. So just how much does it cost to rent a Chanel bag? Prices vary from $250 to $350 for a four- to eight-day rental period. If you're like us, and the majority of women around the world, and have always wanted a Chanel bag, now's your chance ladies. Check out our top three pieces below, then click the slideshow to see the rest of the collection.


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