Resort 2009: Gucci

Did you by any chance watch Gucci's 2009 Resort collection, held at Villa Aurelia in Rome, via live webcast? If not, I'm here as your eyes for the show, which celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Gucci store in Rome.

So what does one serve up for a 70th anniversary? Nothing but grandness all around. Parts of it were very Gucci – slick, sexy — but it also incorporated a glamorous bohemian style with long, flowy maxi dresses, each with a unique print. Striped pants, leather jackets, pleated mini dresses, and some hints of nautical also saw their time on the catwalk. While ultragirlie maxi dresses painted a very feminine picture, in contrast, crisp trousers demanded a mannish power; this incorporation of two extremes is becoming quite common in fashion. And why not? It's set to appeal to all types of customers. Brava!

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