Rihanna and Chris Brown Shopping Together in LA

Power Couple: Rihanna and Chris Brown

You know that when Chris Brown performs his song "Kiss Kiss," he's probably thinking about his hot tamale girlfriend Rihanna. Although these two stylish hip-hop lovebirds haven't formally announced their relationship, the proof is in the pictures. They are fairly young — Chris is 19, Rihanna is 20 — but have been going strong for some time now.

Seeing them cuddle in a club and kiss in a pool is exciting, but that's not what draws me in. I am intrigued by their no-holds-barred fashion sense. Between the two of them, there's so much funkiness going on. In particular, I love that they have maintained their unique sense of style. Most of us wouldn't change our style for a man and that goes for the eclectic Rihanna as well. Chris also stays true to his signature look: baggy jeans, colorful Nike sneakers, and bright hats. Plus, the way I see it, a couple that shops together, stays together!

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