Rodarte Jets In to London for Private Dinner at Harvey Nicks

Laura Mulleavy, Kate Bosworth, Kate Mulleavy

>> Fifty guests pulled up to a long white table at Harvey Nichol's Fifth Floor restaurant for a private dinner co-hosted by Rodarte's Laura and Kate Mulleavy and Kate Bosworth.  Daphne Guinness flitted in, spritzing at least one guest with her yet-to-be-released perfume, frequent Rodarte collaborator Nicholas Kirkwood also appeared — his shoes were represented on at least one guest's feet, Kate Bosworth — and told Grazia of his work with the designers: "We didn't even meet the first few seasons that we worked together. Everything was over the phone and email. It was so great when we finally met. We get on so well and are on the same wave length. They always want to do something different — we've even made shoes out of electrical wire!"

Attendees Plum Sykes, Bella Freud, Trish Goff, and Lula's Leith Clark, who was seated next to Laura, were served nettle soup and trifle, and around midnight, when all headed home, the Mulleavys, Kate Bosworth, and Nicholas Kirkwood "headed out and onto another club."