Rodarte Resort 2012 Collection Exhibit at Pitti W

Peep the Exclusive Pieces from the Rodarte Pitti Presentation

Pale Pink and Bright Pink Silk Georgette and Silk Chiffon Pleated and  Draped Gown with hand beaded Swarovski Crystal Elements  Tassels with Gold Pleated Metal and Ray Breast Plate

>> Kate and Laura Mulleavy are huge fans of Florence. “We have spent countless hours dreaming of the poetic city, every detail magnified by our own curiosity and imagination,” explains Laura. Fitting then, that they are guest designers at Pitt W in Florence this year. Today, their much anticipated Pre-Spring 2012 presentation of 10 elaborate gowns — detailed with Swarovski crystals, tulle, and feathers —  was unveiled in a disused building in central Florence amongst neon light constructions. Inspired by Fra Angelico’s frescoes, the monks’ cells at the convent of San Marco, and Bernini’s The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, the 10 dresses are also accessorized with a hand-forged gold head-piece, belts and breastplates.  But what will happen to the collection after this stint in Italy? Elle confirms that following Pitti, the dresses will be on permanent display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Until then, click through to see the pieces here.

Photos by Autumn de Wilde. Courtesy of Rodarte and Pitti Immagine