Rodarte Runway 2012 Fall

Rodarte Fall 2012

Rodarte Runway 2012 Fall

>> With a front row that boasted some of the best fashion week sightings yet, the Fall 2012 Rodarte show was off to a pretty stellar start right out the gate. After all, its not every day that one sees George Lucas at a fashion show. Not to mention Natalie Portman. In fact, this front row was so heavy with star power that it prompted some to wonder, "Is the Rodarte show the new Oscars pre-show?"

Well, not quite — but it was far and away the Mulleavys' most controlled and accessible offering to date. The sisters found inspiration in Australia, culling influences from that country's colonial era, the Outback — and nearly everything else in between. The result was imaginative, transporting — and utterly wearable. There were super-structured coats; cropped cable-knit sweaters; slouchy dungarees; and a boatload of very appealing frocks. Fabrics ran the gamut from leather to chiffon, and some stunning Aboriginal-inspired prints were used throughout.

And — in case you were wondering — there were also plenty of dreamy gowns just right for the A-listers up front.

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