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The Row Resort 2014: The Old Man and the Sea

The Row Resort 2014: The Old Man and the Sea

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen credited seafaring uniforms and a vintage photo of a fisherman as the inspiration for their Resort 2014 collection, which explains why it includes so many pieces that look hard-wearing and cozy.

But closer inspection reveals that these mostly casual pieces were cut from some highly luxurious materials. The yellow rain slicker that looks like it could withstand a torrential downpour and gale force winds is actually made from leather, so it's not waterproof at all. The brown and khaki jacket, which the house refers to as a windbreaker, comes with a detachable fur collar. And what looks like a simple knitted vest from behind turns out to be half made from red alpaca.

There are some nods to nautical functionality here as well. A few of the handbags in the collection hang from rope straps tied with sailor's knots, and a double-breasted navy blazer with what appear to be gold buttons actually closes with magnets.

Photo courtesy of The Row