Samantha Wennerstrom #EPIC48 Morocco Pictures

Mini Moments From Marrakech, Morocco

Samantha Wennerstrom #EPIC48 Morocco Pictures

Samantha Wennerstrom, author of the popular blog Could I Have That?, is POPSUGAR's latest guest editor in partnership with Secret. She will be documenting her epic adventures while providing style, beauty, and lifestyle tips to inspire others to live out epic adventures of their own, right here on POPSUGAR.

My favorite part of every trip is the very beginning, where you get that feeling of "I've arrived" and the adventure is about to begin. I always try to stop and savor this moment, because it seems to be gone all too quickly. When we arrived in Marrakech, we were greeted at the ridiculously beautiful Four Seasons Hotel with traditional Moroccan mint tea. As we sipped our tea and admired the hotel lobby, I realized this was that precious moment, so I made sure to drag it out before we hit the ground running.

Scroll for a photo diary of our incredibly epic adventure in Morocco that I'll remember forever.