Shoe Designer Spotlight: Camilla Skovgaard

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Anywho, have I mentioned how happy I am women are choosing shoes over bags because the choices right now are so incredible? Take for instance the sexy-as-hell footwear of Denmark designer Camilla Skovgaard. As soon as I laid eyes on this Camilla Skovgaard Two Band High Heel Sandal ($492), I knew I wanted to know more about the designer. Sure enough, all her footwear is to drool for.

Given that she formerly designed shoes for the Sheikhs' wives and daughters in Dubai, her talent and determination are no surprise. After seven years in Dubai, Camilla moved to London and completed a BA degree in footwear at Cordwainers shoe college. Her education was certainly worth it because her creations are all over Shopbop and Vogue . . . and soon to be on the feet of budding fashionistas!

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