The Shopkeepers by Sidney Prawatyotin

Meet The Shopkeepers

The Shopkeepers by Sidney Prawatyotin

For anyone who's ever found themselves in awe of the chic sales associates at their neighborhood boutique, this site's for you. Through portraits and interviews, the new blog The Shopkeepers aims to do for shopkeeps what The Sartorialist did for stylish passersby. "A lot of people are shopping online as opposed to shopping in stores," the blog's creator, Sidney Prawatyotin, says. "A big part of that is due to convenience, but I know a lot of friends who are intimidated by shopkeepers, me being one them."

"My two favorite hobbies are photography and shopping," Prawatyotin explains. "Sometimes I find myself going to my favorite shops just to hang out with the shopkeepers and not buying anything. The Shopkeepers is meant to keep brick and mortar alive while satisfying people who shop online."

In addition to demystifying the whole boutique-shopping experience, the site also offers interviews with some of the fashion industry's most trusted tastemakers. Want to know where Julia Frakes, Kate Young, or Phil Oh love to shop? It's all there. Plus, there's even a handy Pinterest account where readers can shop the latest "keepers" from the boutiques featured.

Source: The Shopkeepers