Siri Tollerod Embodies Astrological Signs for Vogue UK December 2010; Alexandra Shulman Wants to Remain Editor Through 2016

Virgo (Virgin) in Christopher Kane

>> Leave it to British Vogue to come up with a whimsical editorial that doesn't look like every other editorial ever. The spread, "Star Signs," shot by Tim Gutt in conjunction with stylist Kate Phelan and set designer Shona Heath, captures Siri Tollerod as each of the 12 astrological signs for the magazine's December 2010 issue.

Speaking of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman is coming up on 20 years as editor of the magazine in 2012, and in preparation, she says she's planning to give the magazine a redesign in March to make the format less rigid. Although, she specifies: "I'm more interested in Vogue's 100th anniversary than my 20th," indicating that she plans to stick around until at least 2016.