A Sneak Peek at Topshop's Spring Collections

Sneak Peek: Topshop's Stylin' Spring

British fast-fashion retailer Topshop is one of the freshest out there. When it opened a US online shop, we were ecstatic. And NYC will soon be home to an actual store. Keep on keepin' on, Topshop! If you're in a funk about your Spring wardrobe, consider funking it up with Topshop goods. Some of these may be too styled for you, but if you look closely, I'm sure you'll be inspired. Looks are broken down into four trend categories — Glory Days, Memphis, Sport Nouveau, and Witchcraft. The mixed prints in Witchcraft and the worldly allure of Glory Days are my faves. Also, if you see something you like, the outfits are shopable. So, do you see something you like?

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