Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week: Rodarte 2010-09-14 15:00:02

2011 Spring New York Fashion Week: Rodarte

Besides the Marc Jacobs show, Rodarte is another one fashion insiders wait on the edge of their seats for. And leave it to the Mulleavy sisters to come up with a collection unlike any other: off-kilter, not necessarily the most wearable, but the most interesting to dissect. These are golden goddesses, full with gold glittery eyes and lips, but in the most nonmainstream way possible. Their dresses aren't flowy or ethereal; nay, they're strong, multidimensional, prominent. These girls aren't prissy, but powerful. Besides all the gold motifs, Kate and Laura also created fresh florals, plaid, huge pleat panels, high-waist trousers, tiered skirts, drop-waist dresses, and cropped jackets. When you're going through the collection, keep in mind, these are works of art from two sisters who think way outside the box.

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