Stella McCartney Olympic Uniforms Pictures

Stella McCartney Reveals Uniforms For the British Olympic Team

Stella McCartney Olympic Uniforms Pictures

>> Stella McCartney's recent runway collection wasn't the only Spring debut she had to worry about. The designer has spent the last two years working on the uniforms for the 2012 British Olympic team and finally unveiled them Thursday.

McCartney said that the uniforms started with a meditation on the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain. "For me it's one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design, but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way," she said. "Ultimately, we wanted the athletes to feel like a team and be proud with the identity we created."

To that end, McCartney infused her athletic gear with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into her ready-to-wear pieces. The entire kit, which is composed of nearly 600 different pieces created in collaboration with Adidas, will be distributed to the over 900 athletes who make it on the team.

Photos Courtesy of Team GB, Getty