Street-Style Crossbody Bag Trend Summer 2012

Summer Accessories Report: Crossbody Bags

Street-Style Crossbody Bag Trend Summer 2012

The intersection where form and function seamlessly meet is never more necessary than in the throes of Summer's hottest heat. Who among us, after all, enjoys the burden of a two-ton leather tote whilst also struggling to maintain what little semblance of chic remains on a 90-degree day? No, better to travel light.

Nowhere was evidence of that in fuller view than at last weekend's Governor's Ball music festival on New York's Randall's Island, where — as the guests of those endless purveyors of effortless-breeze, Alternative Apparel — we spotted what every Summer-loving lass worth her style salt knows: when the sun beats down, crossbody bags are the way to go.

From Derek Lam's studded Ume to Chloé's Marcie in the dreamiest shade of teal green — and every free-spirited incarnation in between — here are 18 long-strapped goodies, as snapped on the coolest of festival beauties.

Photos: Thomas Beckner. Special thanks to Alternative Apparel.