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Style for Style: How to Look Chic in the Chill

Correct me if I'm wrong: January and February are the coldest of the cold months in lots of places. When I lived in New York City, I had to master the art of looking chic in the chill. Luckily, I had a roommate who had previously lived in Boston who showed me the ropes. I adore Emmanuelle Chriqui's outfit here. She looks cozy and casual, but still stylish with her stark white Snowjoggers and funky earrings. Whether you're in the chill or will be visiting the chill, these tips are guaranteed to prevent you from freezing your tooshie.

  • Long Undershirts. I would wear long cotton, or silk, undershirts under my sweaters and tuck them into my pants. This blocks the evil Arctic wind from blowing up your clothes.
  • Cashmere. It really is a cashmerical! If you can't afford 100% cashmere, some favorite more affordable brands like J.Crew and Old Navy have items with a cashmere blend. A little bit goes a long way!
  • For more tips and to see some peeps who look chic in the chill, read more

  • Keep your limbs cozy. In the Winter I have about three pairs of gloves floating around my entry way — one pair floating around my handbag. Scarves, hats and cashmere (again) socks are a must too. The feeling of being tucked in helps fight the chill.
  • Fur. Whether it's the real deal or faux, the warm fuzziness of fur does a body good. I have two Marc by Marc Jacobs faux fur hoodie jackets that are my go-to cover ups for late night walks with Annabelle.
  • Footwear. I had this morbid fear of slipping on ice while traipsing around Manhattan. When it was sIushy outside, I ditched my cute flats and heels for functional boots and clogs. Yes, clogs. I would wear them with cashmere socks and super cute coats and feel safe. I would then change into cuter shoes at the office.
  • I hope these help and please share your style tips on how to look chic in the chill!








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