Stylish Draped Dresses

Designer Spotlight: Riller & Fount

We first introduced Riller & Fount back in '07 when it had just debuted — I think it needs a proper introduction now that it's a full-blown label. The creative forces behind it are LA friends Susie Crippen (cofounder of J Brand) and Marlena Ruiz. The bottom line is: all their pieces translate seamlessly from day to night. The other important thing you should notice is a drape-lovers' mecca. Whether it's draping on the bodice or torso, it's flattering and feminine.

The best part is, the jersey fabrics make Riller & Fount frocks super comfortable. And prices aren't ridiculous — $93 to $179. I must get my hands on this Riller & Fount Athens Draped Mini Dress ($159). Perfect for day (with flat boots) and night (high-heeled booties).

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