Supermodel Amber Valletta's Photos, Ads, Magazine Covers

Model Muse: Amber Valletta

Supermodel Amber Valletta's Photos, Ads, Magazine Covers

I remember it like it was yesterday: I was 8 years old, it was Saturday morning, and I was watching one of my favorite TV programs, Fashion File. And there she appeared, Amber Valletta, with her BFF Shalom Harlow goofing around backstage at a fashion show. Those two were inseparable, but I always had eyes for Amber. She was not your typical sexy blonde. Rather, she was slightly sporty but still irresistibly pretty. She teetered between girl-next-door and unattainable beauty. That chiseled bone structure, those gorgeous green eyes, that slim but fit bod — they were the reasons she made it big time and even scored a hosting gig on MTV's House of Style. Reminiscing makes me long for those days when Amber ruled. Now married with a kid, the Super continues to command attention like she did when she was a newbie. She comes around at fashion soirees, and I still get as excited to see her as I did that one Saturday morning . . .



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