Confession time: our love of screen style knows no bounds. Whether you're a gladiator in a suit, an aristocratic Englishwoman, or an a-dork-able teacher, find out which TV character is your style twin — and don't forget to share the results with your friends!

Source: ABC and FOX

Pick a flower:

Flower A
Flower B
Flower C
Flower D
Flower E
Flower F

Pick a vodka:

Vodka A
Vodka B
Vodka C
Vodka D
Vodka E
Vodka F

How often do you wear heels?

Every day.

Do kitten heels count?

Rarely; they always trip me up.

I'm a professional, so whenever I'm in the office.

Always, if I'm out dancing!

Never; I'd go barefoot if I could.

Pick a Ryan Gosling:

Ryan A
Ryan B
Ryan C
Ryan D
Ryan E
Ryan F

Go to a fashion show:

Alexander McQueen

Max Mara

Betsey Johnson

Carolina Herrera

Saint Laurent


Pet a Pug:

Puppy A
Puppy B
Puppy C
Puppy D
Puppy E
Puppy F

You're given $100; what do you do?

Spend it on a new dress.

Buy the best bottle of red wine.

Tip the house staff.

Save it.

Take your friends out to drinks.

Buy a new toy for your pet.

Carry a kooky clutch:

Clutch A
Clutch B
Clutch C
Clutch D
Clutch E
Clutch F

Which painting do you want on your wall?

Painting A
Painting B
Painting C
Painting D
Painting E
Painting F

Which Disney villain is your favorite?

Villain A
Villain B
Villain C
Villain D
Villain E
Villain F
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