Thakoon Runway Fall 2012

Thakoon Fall 2012

Thakoon Runway Fall 2012

With rouge lips and heels to echo his bold red leather and pink color pairings, Thakoon honed in on a dramatic palette and rich detail to deliver a feminine Fall '12. We expect Thakoon Panichgul to veer toward the ethnically themed; this time, he steered clear of more exotic references to focus on a re-imagining of ladylike charm. Demure silhouettes were manipulated in patent, colored leather, ruching, and covered in rich hues of Mongolian fur to ensure that every look fell outside the boundaries of "pretty" dressing. There's quirk and humor in every take — a playful pop of print on the collar of a camel coat or a fuchsia fuzzy to complete a sweetheart-take on colorblocking. But if you don't subscribe to the girly-girl look, Thakoon's Fall is not also without sexier side; whether it's an overt nod to sex appeal with a black patent dress or a subtler play in a slinky black halter, there's a sense of womanly dressing even in all his girlish references.

  • Trends: Feminine dressing, colorblocking, colored fur, colored leather.
  • Colors: Red, fuchsia, gray, camel, black.
  • Key Piece: Ladylike silhouettes redone in slick red leather.
  • Accessories: Red pumps, dramatic knee-high lace-up boots, crisscross pumps.
  • Who Would Wear It: Women who like ladylike shapes, but not without a little intrigue.
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