Tom Ford's Best Quotes and Pictures

The Many Sayings — and Faces — of Tom Ford

Tom Ford's Best Quotes and Pictures

Today may mark his 51st birthday, but in truth, Tom Ford doesn't look a day over 33. That's no small feat, especially when one considers the very busy life he's led: the 18-hour days as the creative director of Gucci, the five-year stint pulling double duty at the helm of YSL, the critically acclaimed filmmaking career, and — of course — the rise of his very own eponymous empire. Through it all, Ford's not only maintained his dapper sense of personal style, but he's also maintained his striking good looks. In fact, some may say he looks better now than ever. At the very least, he's definitely perfected his steel-eyed red-carpet pose.

But that's not all. Not even close. The man's also delivered his share of memorable quotes, more than possibly anyone else alive in fashion today with the exception of Karl Lagerfeld — and the Kaiser's had a 17-year head start.

So, in honor of the oft-controversial, always-entertaining designer's Aug. 27 birthday — not to mention his way with words and skill with a pose — here's a look at some of our very favorite Tom Ford quotes.