Tom Ford Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013 

Tom Ford Fall 2013

Tom Ford Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013 

Tom Ford came back to the runway with a bang on Monday night, sending out a Fall 2013 collection that's a definite departure from the sleek and sexy dresses he's shown in seasons past.

Of course, the unifying theme of Ford's opus is glamour, but the opulence of this offering was positively unbridled. Ford pulled out all the stops: beading, lace, fur, fringe, and raucous pattern combinations to create a conspicuously expensive-looking collection. And while some pieces — like an intricate long-sleeved black evening gown in a sheer lace — are exactly what we've come to expect from Ford, others (fur puffer jackets, beaded graphic silk bombers, and the like) are so outside Ford's usual milieu that they were almost shocking.

But Ford likes to have fun, and if any one adjective describes this show, that's it.