Topshop Has Arrived in New York

Kate Moss, Philip Green

>> It's officially happened — the first US Topshop is open (view inside), and frenzy was just as expected — funnily enough, the women at the front of the line this morning were from England, and flew in expressly for the store opening.  Christopher Kane was inside, even though he doesn't currently have a line for the store, and Marc Jacobs showed up with Lorenzo Martone last night, answering yesterday's question of his whereabouts.

Right at 11 am, when Kate Moss was supposed to make her appearance, employees encouraged the crowd to chant "Kate, Kate," and apparently she came out with Sir Philip Green, stood on a box as confetti fell, and did her catwalk around the box, all in about ten seconds before the doors were opened, she did a little dance (video), and disappeared — she's already been spotted at Pastis since.  But she has been doing quite the publicity blitz, revealing her list of loves to, and doing video interviews with the Telegraph and Teen Vogue.

Sir Philip Green is certainly coasting on the hype — two parties the past two nights, a VIP shopping event marked by Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer appearances, and another party tonight — but will Topshop's cachet remain now that it's more accessible?  Jezebel's reporting that they're keeping the store empty and the line long to create hype, so we'll have to see if it works.
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