Trend Report from Fall 08

Five Key Fall Trends: Luxe Layers

Contrived as it may seem luxe layers are an undeniable fall trend. After the fall shows we articulated our notion that 'layered texture' and 'luxe details' were at the forefront of fashion week. For a while, we editorialized them separately, taking layered silhouettes to mean one thing and that which was fur-trimmed, or adorned with lace, velvet, and shearling, to mean another. Then a republishing of the Fall 08 Proenza Schouler show changed all that for us. Queue layers of all varieties and a texture (aka sequins) which puts it in the luxe category at the same time.

Since then, as the deliveries trickle in and as chicsters have started wearing the fall trends in lighter, more weather-appropriate versions, we've come to feel that the combination of sequins (luxe) and cottons (layers), all loose and layered and slouchy, is a trend we will see a lot of for Spring 09. For our Fall's Top Five: Past & Present photo shoot, our stylist, Liz Baca took the slinkiest of silks and metallics and layered them with reckless (a key ingredient here) abandon. Below, check out our various trend galleries that we've (hehe) layered for you. Opulence, sequins, and layered texture. Mix it all up and keep a careful eye on the Proenza interpretation and you'll be in good shape.