Ugly Clothing Men Wear

The 51 Worst Things Men Wear

The 51 Worst Things Men Wear

We all have our dealbreakers. For some, it's a loud snoring habit. For others, it comes down to serious topics like religion or politics. But when you live for fashion, there is no sin more egregious than bad taste — a fact our friends at Reddit are very well aware of.

After all, clothes do make the man! And while no list of outdated trends or unsightly fads is fail-safe, we took our own scientific office poll and gathered the biggest menswear turnoffs (and for good measure, we didn't let the ladies go unscathed). Guys, may we suggest you think better of showing up to a date's door with any of these items on? Because wearing jorts, a wallet chain, or any of these 51 garments on a date is worse than missing an anniversary, we promise.

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