Versace Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013 

Versace Fall 2013

Versace Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013 

Donatella Versace is having fun with portmanteaus. Her Fall 2013 collection is named "VUNK" — a mashup of Versace and punk — because the offering imagines what punk clothes would look like if the cultural movement had only just begun today.

Read on for more about Versace's Fall 2013 Vunk collection.

While the house claims that "there's no reference to the past" in this offering, there are still a few sentimental nods to the style's '90s days. Some garments were cut from fabrics like PVC or plaid, and some of the dresses appeared to be held together with long steel nails that echoed the famous safety-pin dress that Elizabeth Hurley caused a scandal with in 1994. (Lady Gaga revived the look when she was photographed in the same dress just last year.)

Some of the models also wore nails as earrings, or collars with razor blades dangling from chains. But if her accessories were extreme, Versace achieved a sort of elegant restraint with many of the actual garments here. Even the dresses covered in holes exhibited a cleanliness of line that can be hard to accomplish with solid fabric, and a color palette of white, black, red, and yellow kept things simple and graphically bold. And her timing couldn't be better. By the time these clothes are delivered to stores, the Met's upcoming exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture will surely have brought punk back into the fashion conversation.