Victoria Beckham Takes Control of Denim and Eyewear Business

Victoria Beckham denim

Victoria Beckham's overhauled and renamed denim and eyewear collections will debut tomorrow on along with two short films highlighting the offerings. Both collections, having previously been part of licensing deals under dVb, are now completely controlled in house and under the Victoria Beckham label along with a very popular dress collection.

“I plan on still being here in 25 to 30 years’ time,” Beckham told WWD of her fashion business. “It’s about doing things gradually and building the brand in a strategic way. It’s about finding the right time, the right team. With everything that I do, I will only do it after I’ve done all my homework. I really am a perfectionist, and I don’t want to rush anything."

Her hard work is paying off, as estimates place the Victoria Beckham dress, denim and sunglass business at $7.5 million in sales next year. Industry heavyweights—retailers and fellow designers—are also on the pop-star turned designer's side. As Marc Jacobs said during the recent WWD-sponsored apparel/retail summit, “[Victoria Beckham] is someone who has always wanted to design clothes. She knows the body, she loves it and she’s working her ass off. It’s too easy to say nobody who’s celebrated for something else shouldn’t do fashion.”

After four successful seasons, Beckham herself can finally stand up to naysayers with the two things that matter most in the business of fashion: "There have been people that have wanted to knock me that haven’t been able to because they haven’t been able to argue with the quality [of the product] or the sell-throughs.”