Victoria Beckham Unveils New Denim and Eyewear Line at Net-A-Porter and Continues to Grow Business 2009-12-08 10:57:48

The Unstoppable Victoria Beckham

No burglary heist could slow down Victoria Beckham. The ex-Spice Girl and celebrity designer has proven she's got some serious staying power in the fashion industry, and not only with her highly coveted dress collection. Tomorrow, the self-proclaimed perfectionist will reveal her completely redesigned denim and eyewear collection — which is now under the sole control of Beckham — at Net-A-Porter, along with two short fashion flicks honoring the occasion.

“I plan on still being here in 25 to 30 years' time,” said Beckham. "It's about doing things gradually and building the brand in a strategic way. It's about finding the right time, the right team. With everything that I do, I will only do it after I’ve done all my homework. I really am a perfectionist, and I don't want to rush anything."

That said, Beckham's business has grown tremendously over the past four seasons. Industry sources estimate the designer's dress, denim, and eyewear business will do about $7.5 million in sales next year. Marc Jacobs even touted Beckham for her accomplishments and work ethic, stating, "She is someone who has always wanted to design clothes. She knows the body, she loves it and she’s working her ass off."

Victoria's fresh denim line will retail at $215 to $485; eyewear will range from $349 for acetate Wayfarers to $525 for metal flat-top sunglasses. Super hot. Can you believe she used to be bullied in school? What doesn't break you makes you stronger, right?

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