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Victorya Hong interview

A Few Fab Words With Victorya Hong of Project Runway

Being aufed from this season of Project Runway didn't get Victorya Hong down. In fact, she came back full force and staged a whole runway show last week at New York Fashion Week — more than those still left on Project Runway can say for themselves, since they shared a catwalk. Just minutes before her label, Na-Be by Victorya Hong, made its runway debut, Bella (thanks doll!) caught up with Victorya for a few Fab words . . .

Is this the first time you've done a big show like this?
Yes; I'm scared.

Oh no!
And everyone keeps saying, "Scared? Well, okay, that means you're excited." And I say, "That means I'm really excited."

So a year ago, if someone had told you that you'd be showing at the Altman Building, what would your response have been?
I think a year ago that would have probably been something I never would have imagined. Even though it's happening now, it's still kind of hard to believe that it's happening!

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How many different looks do you have?
I have 29.

But it still looks small. When I look at the clothes and how much hard work goes into the clothes, and the eight minutes up on stage . . . I call it tightly edited.

What was inspiration for this collection?
It was definitely very '80s inspired. For me, that's the part of fashion that I really enjoy: doing the research, looking at images in archives, things like that. So that's what I did for a good month, I just looked at images galore from the early to mid '80s.

You're a child of the '80s, then.
Yeah! Were you?

How'd you guess?
[Laughs] It's hard for me to get away from that because I find myself listening to music from the '80s constantly, looking at films again from the '80s, looking at books, things like that. So I think it has had a pretty big impact on the way I look at things, and on my aesthetic in general.

Will people be able to buy the clothes tonight?
I hope so! This is my first really big collection. I've never really put things into production. I've done things here and there and sold them on the side, but I'm hoping this will be a breakout collection.










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