Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld Launches First Photography Exhibit

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, Lily Donaldson

>> Last night marked the opening of Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld's Louis Vuitton-sponsored, curated exhibit of three photographers and close friends of his — PC Valmorbida (boyfriend of Theodora Richards), David Mushegain and Salim Langatta.  Both the party and after-party at Indochine (a Roitfeld favorite) were super crowded — the latter hit capacity and saw Carine Roitfeld dancing on the restaurant's banquettes.  Sister Julia, girlfriend Lily Donaldson, and godfather Mario Testino were all in attendance, as were a number of other fashion folk — Lara Stone, Erin Wasson, Gisele Bundchen.  And Carine was proud of her son's current career choice — according to Vladimir, it was his parents who pushed him to move to the US — "I don't know if he will do more shows or film, but when you try to produce things, it's a hard hard job, and I'm very proud of him.  I'll be very happy if he becomes successful."
*image: source, source, filmmagic