41 Smart Ideas For Gorgeous Wedding Detail Shots

Mar 31 2014 - 2:40pm

With all the time and energy that goes into planning a wedding [1], there's an obvious need for gorgeous pictures that'll stand the test of time. We've already suggested smart outfit ideas for the ultimate engagement photo session [2] and rounded up 23 pictures to take in your wedding dress [3] (do so or forever hold your peace). Now, we're thinking about gorgeous, noncheesy ways to capture your shoes, rings, and everything else little and beautiful. Scroll through to see all the ideas you need to hear before you walk down the aisle.

1. Shoes From Behind

While the majority of brides remember to get the front of their heels snapped, you don't see the back view as often.

Photo by Carrie Patterson [4] via Style Me Pretty [5]

2. Ring on Champagne Cork

Whether your crew loves the bubbly or you've always held onto the cork from the bottle he popped when proposing, the piece makes a nice little stand to photograph your diamond.

Photo by Aaron Delesie [6] via Style Me Pretty [7]

3. Rings on a Graphic Background

There's nothing wrong with packing a boldly printed piece of fabric specifically as a backdrop for your jewels. Contrasting stripes make this shot look extraintriguing.

Photo by Jessica Lorren [8] via Style Me Pretty [9]

4. Corsages

Centerpieces and bouquets get plenty of photo love, but what about corsages? The pretty wrist wrappers are lovely and, bonus, make for another opportunity to show off jewelry. Consider doing it with both of your mothers for a sweet touch.

Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography [10] via Style Me Pretty [11]

5. A Floral Headband

For all the work and love that go into crafting a floral headband, it certainly deserves its own time in the spotlight! Keep your eyes open for pieces that it can be hung over so you'll remember your special-day headpiece for eternity.

Photo by Wendy Laurel [12] via Style Me Pretty [13]

6. Accessories With Wedding Paper Suite

Two birds, one stone. A shot of all your accessories alongside the collected paper you've been sending guests gives you multiple memories in one place.

Photo by Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Wedding Photography [14] via Style Me Pretty [15]

7. Ring in Ring Box

Whether your stunner came in a brand-new box or a vintage, velvet cushion, it's worth remembering to pack so you can get it snapped nestled pristinely in its home.

Photo by Jose Villa Photography [16] via Style Me Pretty [17]

8. Bride Holding Shoes

We've all seen images of a gorgeous pair of heels resting in a bridal suite, but held by the blushing bride? Love this unique idea!

Photo by Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Wedding Photography [18] via Style Me Pretty [19]

9. Embroidered Handkerchief

If you're gifting your parents or bridal party with sweetly embroidered handkerchiefs, ask them to bring them along (and to refrain from crying happy tears into them until postphoto).

Photo by Aneta MAK [20] via Style Me Pretty [21]

10. Shoes by Dress

The romantic folds of a wedding [22] dress look gorgeous walking down the aisle, but, handily, they also make for a perfect photo backdrop.

Photo by Clary Photo [23] via Style Me Pretty [24]

11. Ring While Touching His Shoulder

For a shot of your diamond that isn't zoomed in too tight, consider this loving setup. Ask your photographer to catch you from behind, with your left hand gracefully set on your groom's back.

Photo by Michelle March [25] via Style Me Pretty [26]

12. Rings on the Heel

Another good reason to catch shoes from behind? Spindly stilettos are the ideal size for ringing your new jewelry (and it's a good opportunity to show off any luxe soles!).

Photo by Onelove Photography [27] via Style Me Pretty [28]

13. Jewelry Laid Flat

Don't forget you can take pictures of your jewelry before putting it on! A statement necklace, whether your something new, old, or borrowed, gets to claim all the attention when shot laid flat.

Photo by a guy + a girl [29] via Style Me Pretty [30]

14. Ring on Favor

Depending on what your favors are, consider using them as a background for your sparkly extras. Printed tea towels, napkins, or aprons make for a chic textile background.

Photo by This Love of Yours Photography [31] via Style Me Pretty [32]

15. Bride Putting On Shoes

As an alternative to your shoes posed solo, consider asking your photographer to capture you pulling them on during a calm moment before the ceremony.

Photo by Polly Alexandre [33] via Style Me Pretty [34]

16. Rings on Seashell

For revelers tying the knot somewhere near the beach, play prop stylist and find a gorgeous shell to pose your engagement ring and wedding [35] band on.

Photo by KT Merry Photography [36] via Style Me Pretty [37]

17. Rings on Shoes

The kind of girl who's obsessed with her shoes will understand the want to photograph them as much as possible. Get them into another image by using them as a display area for both of your wedding [38] rings.

Photo by Sara Richardson Photography [39] via Style Me Pretty [40]

18. Monogram Necklace

A tight shot of your jewelry on lets your happy energy inject the whole scene. If you're sporting any pieces with your brand-new monogram, you'll definitely want to record the moment!

Photo by Patrick Moyer Photography [41] via Style Me Pretty [42]

19. Rings on Antlers

Rustic weddings will have plenty of sweet decor items on hand to dot the cocktail area and reception. Scope some out before, and see what would make a pretty ring holder — antlers are an ideal choice!

Photo by Brett Heidebrecht Photography [43] via Style Me Pretty [44]

20. Heels of Shoes

Sometimes the heel of a shoe is where all the prettiest action is. If you've got a pair that features artistic detailing, for goodness sakes, photograph it!

Photo by Erin Hearts Court [45] via Style Me Pretty [46]

21. Shoes in Their Box

Part of the pleasure of designer shoes is the pretty packaging. If suitcase space allows, travel with yours — it'll protect the shoe and make for a pretty shot.

Photo by KT Merry Photography [47] via Style Me Pretty [48]

22. Shoes on Feet

All by themselves, sandals and stilettos can look gorgeous, but a bit lonely, no? After you've shot them alone, ask your photographer to zoom in on the lower quarter of your dress so that they're clearly seen on, too.

Photo by Jen Lauren Grant from Birds of a Feather Photography [49] via Style Me Pretty [50]

23. Shoes on a Rug

If you're anywhere near a boldly printed rug, use it! The contrasting colors and geometric shape on this one make for an interesting background.

Photo by Jen Lauren Grant from Birds of a Feather Photography [51] via Style Me Pretty [52]

24. Shoes Walking Away

Get extra drama in your photo by adding some movement. By walking away from the shooter, your dress will look gorgeous and viewers will see details and angles of your shoes that are normally harder to capture.

Photo by a guy + a girl [53] via Style Me Pretty [54]

25. Shoes and Veil Together

The veil can seem like the unsung hero of your bridal style — it's dramatic, but it rarely gets photographed on its own. Give it some love by delicately hanging it behind your shoes and snapping both together.

Photo by Matt Edge Wedding Photography [55] via Style Me Pretty [56]

26. Ring on Invitation Close-Up

All the gorgeous calligraphy that goes into many a wedding [57] invitation is a shame to miss. Pack a fresh copy of your paper on the wedding day, and then take a picture of your ring zoomed in closer on your names or the city and state of your ceremony.

Photo by Jen Fariello [58] via Style Me Pretty [59]

27. The Boutonniere

While lots of attention will be lavished on your bouquet, don't forget his boutonniere. For an alternative to the snap of it on his lapel, consider posing it on a sweet tray.

Photo by Jose Villa Photography [60] via Style Me Pretty [61]

28. Rings on Lace Trim

Get crafty to achieve an elegantly simple shot like this one. If you don't have a lace-trimmed veil, consider pulling up a layer of your gown and using it as a backdrop for your jewelry.

Photo by Shea Cristine [62] via Style Me Pretty [63]

29. Rings on Special Linen

Plenty of brides are opting for weddings with lots of personalized touches. Take advantage of yours by styling it with your diamonds.

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography [64] via Style Me Pretty [65]

30. Shoes by a Window

Few things are better in a photo than natural light. As you're getting ready, ask your photographer to alert you to the best time to pose accessories on or near a windowsill.

Photo by Studio A+Q [66] via Style Me Pretty [67]

31. Rings on Candy

Did you opt for a candy bar? Anyone with a sweet tooth will smile at the vision of their rings happily arranged on or around some serious sugar.

Photo by MLKL Photography [68] via Style Me Pretty [69]

32. Ring While Holding Bouquet

We've already seen a lot of ideas for the rings off your finger, but what about on? Whether it's yours or a sentimental piece you gifted your bridesmaid, consider shooting it while they're holding flowers.

Photo by Closer to Love Photography [70] via Style Me Pretty [71]

33. Shoes in Nature

If you're getting married outside or simply incorporating a lot of natural elements into your decor, consider scouting out dry, well-lit shots to arrange your accessories. Don't forget to grab some perfectly formed leaves, too!

Photo by Geoff Duncan [72] via Style Me Pretty [73]

34. Rings on Wedding Program

A lot of work went into designing the programs for your big day — take advantage of it! By snapping rings atop paper, you're keeping the main reason at the forefront of your mind.

Photo by Social Graces [74] via Style Me Pretty [75]

35. Shoes by Centerpieces

See if you can capture some of your floral arrangements before the reception starts and use them as a lush background for shots of your shoes. Somehow, Miu Miu [76] manages to look even prettier in front of crisp white blooms!

Photo by Trent and Dara of Trent Bailey Photography [77] via Style Me Pretty [78]

36. Rings While Hugging

Your wedding [79] day should be all about love, right? And while plenty of sweet, intimate moments will be captured by your photographer, ask them to also hone in on details like this pretty pose that shows off her gorgeous rings.

Photo by Rebecca Fishman, Birds of a Feather [80] via Style Me Pretty [81]

37. Ring on Monogrammed Hanky

The monogram is a big deal when it comes to weddings! Whether you have a piece incorporating your married name or a vintage item as your something blue, set your diamond alongside it for a sentimental pairing.

Photo by Patrick Moyer Photography [82] via Style Me Pretty [83]

38. Shoes on Printed Background

If possible, ask your photographer to scout out locations for your accessories alongside the more common group shots. A trained eye might just spot a gorgeous upholstered chair in the hotel lobby that'd look divine with your wedding [84] shoes perched on it.

Photo by Patrick Moyer Photography [85] via Style Me Pretty [86]

39. Ring With Dress

A zoomed-in pic of your hand holding up your dress while walking isn't just a random action shot — it's a unique angle to focus on how your ring looks out and about in the real world.

Photo by Sarah Joelle Photography [87] via Style Me Pretty [88]

40. Shoes From the Front

Aerial shots of heels are nothing new, but what about from straight on? We especially love this idea if your shoes have a bold detail like the zippy bow on this pair.

Photo by Em the Gem [89] via Style Me Pretty [90]

41. Shoes With Perfume

Many a bride picks out a brand-new scent for her walk down the aisle, ensuring she'll always think back to her wedding [91] when certain notes waft into her area. The bottles are typically gorgeous, too, making them a nice buddy to shoot with your shoes and jewelry.

Photo by Rebecca Fishman, Birds of a Feather [92] via Style Me Pretty [93]

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