The Week's Fab Favorite: Julianne Moore

The Week's Fab Favorite: Julianne Moore

I have always loved Julianne Moore — I think she is Hollywood's most talented redhead. Amber Waves made waves at the Cannes Film Festival in this black and blue Lanvin. The ultra-chic blue silk satin dress with ruffle neckline under a black silk tuxedo blazer suited her perfectly. She made it more casual by pushing up the jacket sleeves (or was she hot?) and wearing a pair of adorable Chloe sunglasses. Her razored cut was perfection; she looked cool and comfortable.

She may be a bit covered up for the heat of Cannes, but just toss off the blazer and it's still a super Fab look. You all loved Angelina at Cannes and weren't sure about Eva Longoria, but I think this French-friendly fit takes the Cannes cake.

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