This Week's Fab Favorite: Molly Sims

This Week's Fab Favorite: Molly Sims

What's red, silky, and flawlessly draped? Molly Sims in Donna Karan! The actress attended the Fired Up premiere in LA in a look that made even the red carpet envious. The first thing that caught my attention, aside from the plush color, is the flawless drape job. Shoulders, bodice, skirt, back — it's drape madness. Knowing that Donna Karan designed the dress, it makes sense that it hangs beautifully.

But we all know a dress alone cannot make an outfit; accessories are key. To that end, Molly fancied her feet with strappy black sandals, and adorned her wrists with black and gold bracelets. A gold geometric clutch added further shine to the mix. This is as modern a Grecian goddess is ever going to get.

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