Where Do Clothing Sizes Come From?

The Secret Way Your Clothing Size Was Invented

The Secret Way Your Clothing Size Was Invented

Much is being made of the size 000 offerings recently introduced to J.Crew. Yes, the number sounds extreme, but in the scheme of things that, or really any digit, is fairly irrelevant when you get down to it.

That's because by and large a size 00 — or a size 22, for that matter — means different things across the board, as labels determine measurements at their own discretions. So a 6 at Topshop may fit you flawlessly, but Madewell's 4 could be too big, and vice versa — and it all begins with a fit model.

Nothing like the runway models or print models we often see on the pages of magazines, these are women selected by brands to represent their average consumer and ensure the clothing fits as such. So we sat down with Nicole Callahan, a former fit model and current designer at sportswear brand Lyssé — because no fabric knows a good fit like spandex — to discover all the secret ins and outs that go into sizing our clothing.

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