Whitney Port's Whitney Eve Spring '09 Collection

Sneak Peek! Whitney Eve Spring '09 Collection

We showed you the first pieces in Whitney Port's clothing line a few months ago — are you ready for the whole shebang? Unlike her friend Lauren Conrad's line, which is sexy sophisticated, Whitney Eve can be described as soft and super girlie. You'll find a few basic pieces, but it's mostly made up of playful frocks, skirts, and tanks that are daytime friendly. Nighttime dresses are also in the mix. I can see from some items that the reality star looked in her own closet for inspiration. For example, can't you just see her getting a pedicure in the pink and purple skinny sweats? Like Lauren's collection, prices are steep — $345 for a dress — but it's the name you're paying for. What do you think? How does it compare to Lauren's line?

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