fringe benefits

Hilary_fringe >>  It's okay if you're shocked at what I'm about to say, because honestly, I'm a little shocked myself.  Lately I've been craving fringe.  Yes, the fringe that reminds you of flapper dresses and bad cowboy outfits and eighties dance costumes and way too many tacky bags.  The craving, it just hit me one day -- I let it sit because I thought it would go away.  But then it didn't.  Seeing this fringe jacket in the April i-D didn't really Fringe_baghelp the whole fringe exorcism cause either.  So I did the proper thing, and Karenwalker_pantswent to Ebay, and found myself a nice slouchy navy fringe bag (leather, $16!).  Because what can you do when you have a craving but satiate it, right?

Oh, and while I'm admitting things, I might as well have you know that I think I'm moving into a bit of a seventies bohemian phase.  The fringe bag started it all, but now I want Charlie's Angels-style high-waisted pants.