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i am fashionologie's raging shoepassion

i am fashionologie's raging shoepassion

Purp_shoes >> Don't you just love when you find a good pair of shoes on sale?  Or maybe that's just the Imelda Marcos in me, because there's no question that shoes are my favorite article of clothing, by far.  Don't worry, though, I don't get orgasmic when I buy a pair of shoes like I'm sure Ms. Marcos did (Why else would the woman have 3,000 pairs of shoes, some of which she'd never even worn? Now that's a true shoe "fetishist."  I mean the woman had a bulletproof bra, for crying out loud.  She musta been a tiny bit loco en la cabeza).  What I'm saying here is that I found these great little patent leather Italian-style flats for $20 yesterday.  And they're Tinky-Winky purple (What, man, I felt like having some fun.).  And yes, so you don't have to ask, they are my pride and joy.   


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