PS: In your career as a costume designer, you've been responsible for some major fashion trends, from Manolo Blahniks to nameplate necklaces. Do you think about possible trends when you are selecting accessories for your projects?

PF: When I'm designing a movie, I'm not selling sunglasses from my store or trying to get a trend going. Designing a movie is telling a story. The thing about Sex and the City or any other really popular series is it returns every week, so these people start to become like family to the viewer. So if this girl wears a necklace every week and it says her name, you see it enough and say, "I want one." I didn't do it because I thought it could become a trend. I did it because it fit the character, and it became a trend.

The best feature films, because it's a one-shot thing, that doesn't occur as easily. When we did Ugly Betty, I noticed all these red glasses became big. Because every week, you'd see those red glasses, and then people started to say, "Those glasses are cute." I just want it to look good. If it looks good and people like it, maybe they'll go and say, "I want that." But I just want to make it pretty, make it fun, make it happy, make it interesting.

PS: What do you think of trends in general?

PF: I hate trends. I only hate them because by the time they become a trend, and everybody is sporting it – whether you should or you shouldn't, you are – and then it becomes dirty and ugly. Like skirts with slits, that was back in the '90s. It was gorgeous when you saw it on a leg and it was moving, but then what do you know? Everyone and their grandma was wearing a skirt with a slit . . . and they're wearing it with sneakers, with orthopedic shoes. I hate this! If I saw every woman walking around with their name necklace . . . everybody has a name. It's just a name, some letters on their neck.

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